What’s Around The Hotel

10 mins walk to Negombo Town
1.5km to the fish market
10km to the airport
9.3km to the Express Highway
35km to Colombo
25 mins walk to the railway station

Things to do in Negombo

A Treasure Chest

Negombo acts as a traveller’s chest to places that are worth more than treasures. Being situated within close proximity to the beautiful Negombo beach, the sight of fishermen in their outrigger canoes going fishing is a frequent sight. They always come with nets full of lobsters, crabs, prawns and various types of fish. The Hamilton Canal that extends from Negombo to Puttalam is yet another jewel hidden in the chest. The ruins of the Dutch Fort that takes guests back to the old days is also a frequent tourist attraction that is present in the area. The Sinhala term for Negombo, “Meegamuwa” entails an interesting tale of Sri Lanka’s history. The army of king Kavantissa finding bee honey in a canoe near the beach has resulted in naming the village after the incident as “village of the honeycomb”. Thus it is a village with a historical background that enhances a traveller’s scope of knowledge and experience on to a whole new level.